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Our Story

As I am writing from my heart, I will tell you a little about me. I am a woman who loves to go for walks in the early morning.

I love learning something new, decorating with anything antique, and eating any yummy meal I don’t have to cook myself. I snack on popcorn and oranges, but also find it hard to resist a caramel covered in rich milk chocolate. I love good books, fresh daisies, daily prayers, and I cherish time spent with loved ones.

Writing from my heart, you should know I gain strength and insightful perspectives from studying the lives and legacies of women gone before, as well as women living here and now. I marvel at women’s courage, past and present. I have watched their actions and listened to what they’ve said. I have observed women’s great faith in times of trial and applaud their ability to love, lift, inspire, and lead.

Writing from my heart, I passionately believe that women’s stories need to be recorded, providing those who follow with a courageous framework on which to base their own life’s decisions. I believe that as women share from their hearts they can discover genuine similarities in thought and feeling that unite them as brave representatives of all that is good in this world.

Writing from my heart, I would love for you to record your own stories or create something lasting, that all who see your work or read your words may truly come to know you. Remember to write or stitch from your heart!

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