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Our Story is Your Story

There are things written in journals that provide perspective for our life’s journey. Words can lift, strengthen, and offer needed encouragement to our days.

There are also messages written with a needle and thread that inspire us to keep going, focus on the good, and share our divinely given talents. Whether written or stitched, we can gain comfort and deep insight from both.

Today is the day to begin! Consistently commit to recording your life adventures. You choose. Write your feelings or stitch inspiring messages for future generations, friends, and loved ones to enjoy.

At Write From My Heart, we value YOU and the stories only you can share.

Simply know that by doing either one – or both – you are creating something that will bless your life now and the lives of others in generations to follow.

Write from your heart with a pen or needle and thread. Either way you are recording your life‘s adventures.

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The time, effort, and thought put into daily reflection, while recording personal feelings and insights, will bless you and those you love. Journaling reconnects you with special memories, encourages new perspectives, inspires creativity, and has the power to calm and clear your mind.
- Tamra, Store Owner